About Us
The Velocity Plus Arm Care Program is unrivaled. It is the most comprehensive, well researched and scientifically proven program of its kind. The Program was developed in an effort to better understand, and consequently reduce, shoulder injuries in baseball players. Through unprecedented data collection and research methodologies we created and continue to improve this revolutionary Program.

JOE NEWTON, Ambasador

Joe Newton is the founder, ambassador and continuous promoter of the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program. He is the president and founder of The Players’ Dugout Baseball/Softball Academy - home of MLB All-Star Stevie Delabar - located in Elizabethtown, Kentucky. As the ambassador of the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program, Joe's focus is the continued national and world-wide cultivation of the Velocity Program. Joe travels the world educating and informing players, parents and coaches of the benefits attributed to this revolutionary program. Through these efforts Joe has been asked to guest speak and give seminars at venues all across the country. In the past Joe has had the opportunity to speak at High School Baseball Coaches Associations across the nation as well as venues like The Best of The Best in Ontario Canada, British Columbia Baseball Coaches Convention and over 60 Baseball and Softball Academies all across the United States and Canada.
As the world-wide ambassador of the Velocity Program, Joe works with major league organizations as well as top-ranked university programs like Louisville, East Carolina, Baylor, Ole Miss, University of Kentucky and Illinois to name a few.