The FACTS behind the OFFICIAL Velocity Plus Arm Care program:

The Velocity Plus Arm Care Program is a season-long program. Each program includes two portions/phases, an Off-Season strength portion and an In-Season maintenance regimen:


  • Typically an athlete will begin his or her Program in the Off-Season phase; this phase is designed to emphasize strength building.
  • Each Off-Season workout is personally adapted and tailored to a player’s individual needs according to their specific age, stature, schedule, abilities and deficiencies, while also taking into account the maximum workload the player should be performing on a weekly basis.
  • The Off-Season strength portion of the Program is intended to be performed during an athlete’s off season ONLY. The combination of team practices and games make it impossible to account for a player’s workload during the season.


  • The In-Season portion of the Program is specifically designed to enable athletes to maintain shoulder strength and health throughout their season.
  • A counterpart to the Off-Season strength portion, the In-Season phase is also personalized, it is designed to accommodate a player’s rigorous and unpredictable workload and schedule during their season.

The Velocity Plus Program Arm Care program is the most comprehensive, well researched and scientifically proven program of its kind. The Program is science based and was developed by Dr. Tom House, with the supporting supervision of Dr. Thomas Vangsness of the USC School of Medicine, in an effort to better understand, and consequently reduce, shoulder injuries in baseball players. Through unprecedented data collection and research methodologies Dr. House gave birth to this revolutionary Program.

Dr. House and his team developed and continue to advance the Velocity Program by taking advantage of state of the art technology, including data collected using cutting edge True 3D Motion Analysis cameras. Using these $500,000 cameras to capture 1,000 frames per second, Dr. House has analyzed and studied more than 500 athletes ranging from little league to the big leagues. To further the advancement of this already unrivaled program, Dr. House and his team continue to utilize unparalleled resources, research for the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program is conducted at the $2.3 million dollar Rod Dedeaux Research Institute.

By utilizing the continuous and unparalleled comprehensive data collected, through the hundreds of test results received monthly and at times daily; paired with the continued research conducted each day by Dr. House and his team, the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program changes and advances at an unprecedented rate.

Having already collected data on over 10,000 participants and personally adapted more than 30,000 workouts (adding hundreds more monthly) the research, protocols and knowledge of the Velocity Program advances exponentially each day. The Velocity Program remains unrivaled as the most cutting edge, comprehensive and scientifically proven program of its kind.