Watch this video about Steve Delabar’s miraculous journey to success in Major League Baseball through the use of the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program.  Read the real life testimonial of what the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program did for this Major League Baseball All-Star:

“If I told you a year ago I was going to be pitching in the major leagues, I might have been telling you about a video game I made myself on…Well, as you all know, I’m no liar and I did make my dreams become a reality. This program ISN’T a gimmick. Many players, with myself included, have spent countless hours throwing balls into a net. I enjoy talking about it, working with other players who are involved, and trying to recruit more players to get involved because I know what kind of results they can achieve. The best thing about the Velocity program is you get out of it, what you put into it. So, if you are skeptical or maybe afraid to get better, don’t attempt this program. But if you’re ready to take your game to the next level, I would strongly consider adding the Velocity program to your own workout. I will be getting better, this offseason, at the Players Dugout. I’d love to workout alongside you!”


-Steve Delabar

Want to learn more about Steve Delabar’s story?  Be sure to watch the HBO Real Sports episode (above) featuring his miraculous story!