Velocity Program
The Velocity Program is Science based and was originally designed as a shoulder prehab program. The Velocity Plus Program was designed with one goal in mind, continued ARM HEALTH! The byproduct of such emphasis on functional shoulder health and strength training has been the revolutionary increases in throwing velocities; known today as the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program; where ARM CARE yields RESULTS!

The most comprehensive well researched program of it's kind!

The purpose of the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program is simple - to help functionally generate stronger, healthier arms in order to aid individuals in realizing their true potential. Making “how” the program works to increase velocities even simpler - when an athlete's arm becomes stronger and healthier, naturally, he or she has the ability to throw the ball harder and with greater velocity.

Dedicated to helping individuals realize their true potential, the Velocity Plus Arm Care Program offers innovative, comprehensive and specialized training techniques to help strengthen the shoulder. The Velocity Program is a proven training methodology created in an effort to better understand, and consequently reduce, shoulder injuries in baseball players. This Program provides the ultimate foundation for the future success of the shoulders of our young athletes.

Each Velocity Plus Arm Care Program is personally adapted and tailored to a player's individual needs according to their specific age, stature, schedule, abilities and deficiencies. The Program is science based and designed to be executed as efficiently as possible, both functionally and mechanically, because a "Health First and Performance Second" mentality is our ultimate goal.