Is this the same program that Toronto Blue Jays pitcher Steve Delabar does?
– Yes. This is the Official Velocity Program of Steve Delabar.  All winter Steve works out at the OFFICIAL Velocity Program headquarters here in Elizabethtown, KY.

How long does the program last?
– It is a season long program, no matter when you purchase it, it will include a 9-12 week strength portion (with three evaluation periods) and at least one in-season workout.

Can I start the Program if I have already started my season?
– Yes. You will be evaluated/tested and will start the Program in the In-Season phase.

Will the Program still help me if I start “In-Season”, since I haven’t done the “Off-Season” strength portion?
– Yes. Even when starting the program “In-Season” it is still extremely beneficial and effective in helping athletes stay healthy and prevent injuries.

If I start the Program “In-Season” do I still get the “Off-Season” strength portion?
– Yes. Once your season ends (we recommend at least a couple weeks off to recover) then you can retest, submit your results, and we will write you an “Off-Season” workout.

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